Tuesday. Mars

from by KerosintinI



Look at me
You’re so affectionate
Promise me
You’ll try to keep the shade

I’m ready to confess
Without any rest

Would you mind
If I don’t say your name
Would you mind
If I betray myself

On my way
I very often cry
So to say
I’m only flying high

If I feel
It all until the end
Will I heal
Or will it just descend

Will you ever be
severe to me
Will I ever be
Unbounded free


is not like in the past
I don’t think
that we can make it pass

Let me stay
As honest as I was
Either way
I’m gonna make a pause

Let me be
A little better now
Let me see
Another angles
In someone

From the deep
Inside my very heart
You can keep
What can be torn apart

Keep it real
We don’t need any play
Let us heal
It all in every day

Let me try
If I can make it mine
From the sky
Somehow to entwine
our lives


from From the sky, released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved


KerosintinI Russian Federation

Kerosintini is a Russian music project created in 2011 by Preisp studio. It is a pop-rock, industrial, electronica music band, currently working as a studio project. There are two people who run the project - Roman and Marie Kero. The speciallity of the band is that everything including music, arrangement, lyrics, mixing, mastering, video and design is made by Roman & Marie. ... more

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